Thursday, May 2, 2013

Streetwise Cycling Skills Course

Are you new to cycling, or just kinda rusty? It's spring, the weather's improving--it's the perfect time to get (back) into riding your bike. If you're worried about riding in traffic or not really sure what the rules are, HUB offers a Streetwise Cyclng Skills Course for adults 16+ to get you confident on two wheels.

Through classroom & on-road training you'll learn about:
  • the safest place on the road to ride
  • how to maneuver your bike effectively
  • communicating with other road users
  • the best ways to handle riding at night & in the rain
  • & more
You’ll get the skills & confidence you need to love riding in the city. The next Streetwise Cyclng Skills Course is May 5th, 10am to 2:30pm at Creekside Community Centre. The best part: the course is again subsidized by the City of Vancouver, so it only costs $20! You can register here on HUB's website.

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