Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Bucket List

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Though today's weather isn't exactly summery, a rainy day seemed like a good time to daydream a little about what I'd like to get up to this summer. Since finding a job is proving to be rather difficult when pregnant, it looks like I'll have quite a bit of time (if not money) on my hands to do many of these things.
  1. Travel (via transit, as usual) to Victoria to visit friends.
  2. Edit: Whoops! Forgot #2... Heh.
  3. Go camping: probably tent camping with a car at a provincial park--nothing too strenuous.
  4. Stay on at least one of the Gulf Islands for a weekend or more.
  5. Go hiking: likely not anywhere too ambitious--given my 'delicate condition'--maybe a quick one to Quarry Rock or something? 
  6. Visit Spanish Banks at low tide & play on the sand bars.
  7. Go to the Vancouver International Children's Festival at least once.
  8. Have a picnic dinner in a park somewhere.
  9. Host a barbeque with friends.
  10. Make popsicles! I keep seeing great recipes for interesting & healthy versions online that I need to try. 
  11. Go swimming in an outdoor pool like Kits or New Brighton.
  12. Visit the PNE. Should be fun this year with a rambunctious three-year-old & me at about 38 weeks pregnant. Gulp.
  13. See some outdoor movies. It was so much fun last year seeing The Princess Bride in David Lam Park, Monty Python & The Holy Grail & Labyrinth in Ceperley Meadows. I definitely want to do it again!
 If we do about one a week, we should be able to accomplish all this in the next few months. What about you: have you made a bucket list? What are your top three things to do this summer? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. Ohhh I've joined some site that provides a bucket list for the summer. Sounds so fun and I can' wait but I was thinking of making my own as well.
    I desperately want to go camping!
    Also what happened tonumber 2? Or is that part of the list....nothing?

  2. We're driving across Canada this summer so that pretty much covers multiple list items from camping to travelling to visiting family ... but maybe I'll write one up anyway! Love it! You could put in "stay cool" for #2 ;-O


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