Thursday, June 6, 2013

I♥Biking: Riding While Pregnant

As I get pregnanter & pregnanter, I'm starting to ease up on the cycling. I still haven't found my balance to be an issue when riding, nor is my belly in the way with the very upright position I have on my bike. The only limitation is how much exertion I can comfortably handle. If my route involves coming up a hill with a load (aka Sprout or groceries) I'll usually take the bus or walk these days.

However, cycling is still my best bet for quick trips like picking Sprout up from daycare. It's so much faster & getting to sit down while my bike does the work of propelling me forward is so much easier than waddling taking every step myself when walking. I remember hearing somewhere the bicycles were the most efficient way to travel in terms of calories of energy used per kilometre. Never has this felt more evident than now when I'm pregnant!

I suspect I won't be riding right up until my due date, but I suppose it's possible. I'll see how it goes day by day. Unless we get one of these:

Yuba El Mundo cargo bike, with BionX e-assist.

then we could probably ride right to the hospital to have the baby! ;)

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  1. "Pregnanter and Pregnanter" is a good name for a blog too. :-)

    I am really happy this is working for you! Between the biking and future swimming , you should have some relatively easy times with the pregnancy. ;-)

    1. I think 'pregnanter & pregnanter' may make another appearance here on the blog, yes...


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