Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Sprog Gets A New Identity

Way back in 2008 when I started this blog, I saw it as a baby book & that was why I chose this name. I liked the alliteration in 'sprog' & 'blog'. At that time, The Sprog was actually private, visible only to my husband & I. I used it for keeping track of baby room ideas, names, chronicling the ups & downs of trying to conceive & noting pregnancy symptoms. I didn't actually publish anything publicly until not long before Sprout was born in the summer of 2010.

Three years later & this blog has shifted into something more. It's still about my (soon-to-be-plural) sprog, but it's also about living car-free, about cycling with a toddler, about other issues that are important to me, about product & book reviews, about my neighbourhood. So I decided to rebrand. I thought long & hard about what to name it & the one that stuck with me was... (drum roll, please) Spokesmama.

So this week I will be shifting over to The Sprog's new identity. I'm hoping there won't be too many bumps in the road, but please let me know if you have any issues with broken links or find any of the changes confusing. It's quite a process changing my online identity over--I'll be changing my Twitter handle, Facebook page name, contact email & a few other things--so it will probably happen over a few days.

Thanks for reading The Sprog & hope to see you around Spokesmama in future! :)

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  1. Love, love, LOVE it! And it's perfect not only because you're a green, biking mama, but also because you speak out on issues that are important to you. Great change! :)

    1. Thanks! I wish I could take everything down & get the blog all ready for a big reveal, but bit by bit will have to be the way I do it. Around naps, daycare pickups & dropoffs & figuring out how to do some of this stuff by myself. DIY back-end stuff always takes longer than I expect... :P

  2. congrats!! I will follow and wish you an easy transition!


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