Thursday, August 8, 2013

One month to go!

Tired & wishing desperately that this log had a back rest.
I can't wait for this pregnancy to be over! Besides the obvious--I can't wait to meet my little girl--here are the things I look forward to most in September:

  1. seeing my feet while standing
  2. drinking beer!
  3. eating soft cheese
  4. bending more than 90 degrees at the waist
  5. not getting stuck in chairs or when sitting on the ground
  6. being able to walk without feeling like my pelvis will fall apart in pieces any minute
  7. wearing waistbands comfortably again
  8. being able to take a really full breath
  9. lying on my stomach or flat on my back!
  10. sleeping without five pillows propped in various places

Photo taken By Rob Uthe
At least I can still bike. I didn't expect to be riding this far into my pregnancy, but at this point it's so much easier than walking that I don't know if I'll stop until I'm actually in labour...

This is Sprout & I on the way home from swimming at Hillcrest Pool on Tuesday this week. I'm smiling not just for the photo, but because the rest of the way home is all downhill!

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  1. Assuming you go the full 40 weeks, I am anxious to see how you do on the bike over the next few Mondays. :-) Maybe I can get a "last photo" of you.

    1. Well, I was less sore biking to the pool than taking transit would have made me, since I'd have to walk about 10 blocks total if I took the bus. I'm starting to think I will be biking right up to when I go into labour.


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