Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Still Riding...

Last night I was telling my husband I thought I was finished with cycling, since I had such strong Braxton Hicks after the last time I rode. Then I realized I needed to get up to the midwives' office for my appointment today & pick up a few things at the store. So, just one more ride...

Still riding, still pregnant: 38 weeks & 2 days

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  1. wow, very good. I rode my bicycle when I was huge too and it was on old ten speed bike that I had to bend over on, not comfortable at all.

    1. I tried riding my husband's drop handlebar cyclocross bike & my belly was getting poked by the front of the seat from the forward leaning riding position. I lasted about half a block. :P The main reason I'm still comfortable riding is that I added swept-back cruiser bars to my bike, got a wider seat & lowered it. Upright bikes are definitely the way to go when pregnant. If I had a step-through frame rather than one I have to swing my leg over, that would make it perfect. :)


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