Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ticking off the To Do list

This pregnancy, I have been pretty relaxed about preparing for baby. I haven't picked up a single book, though I've read some articles & bought Sprout a few books to help prepare him for his sister's arrival. I spent far less time making cute weensy little baby duds, since most of the ones I spent so much time on last time around only fit long enough to wear once or twice.

I left most of the practical stuff until last week, when I remembered that at 37 weeks, I was considered term, so having a hospital bag packed, a car seat borrowed & some newborn size clothes would probably make sense. After a few calls & emails, it all arrived in short order (thanks to my wonderful sister & cousins). Since then I couldn't resist a little sewing, creating a couple of newborn gowns out of old t-shirts, embellishing a couple of onesies & sewing a new carrier for use at the swimming pool.

I keep remembering a few more things I need to get to, however. Clearing space in our bedroom for the bassinet, which also needs to be reassembled is top of the list. I also need to move the change table space from Sprout's room to my dresser so middle-of-the-night diaper duty won't wake him up. Hauling a few more things out of deep storage, like the playard (I think this might be baby's best chance of avoiding being stepped on) & the swing are up there too. & I remembered yesterday that we lost our change pad somewhere in the last year, so I decided to make a new one.

But mostly it's just a waiting game. When will she arrive? How are we going to get Sprout to his first week of preschool (starting Tuesday!) if she does arrive a few days early? I hope I go into labour when Oli's here, because the 30-60 minute commute to get here (depending on if he cycles, gets a cab or if the bridge is backed up) makes me a little nervous...

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