Friday, September 6, 2013

Review: Pea to Pumpkin Pregnancy Journal

 As a blogger, you probably could have guessed that I like to write. I've kept journals on & off since I was ten--it's just part of who I am. I know not everyone loves putting pen to paper like I do, but during pregnancy, a time of such change in your body, your emotions & your life as a whole, journaling is so important.

Pea to Pumpkin, by Geralyn Broder Murray, is an illustrated pregnancy journal that's a great option for mamas-to-be who are a little short on time or writing inspiration. The journal makes it easy to write a page each week along the way, with sweet little prompts about things you are probably thinking about anyway & space for photos or ultrasound images.

It's not a tell-all, scare-you-with-things-to-worry-about journal like some that I've seen. Pea to Pumpkin's illustrations will just leave you thinking about the various rotund fruits & veggies that are approximately the same size as your baby each week, plus what you want for the child once they're born. It isn't a place to keep track of your midwife appointments or test results or weight, because years from now, is that really what you'll want to have on paper? By the end of your pregnancy, you'll have a lovely collection of memories to show your child in the future & look back on yourself.

Here's a little preview of the book from YouTube:

You can pick up Pea to Pumpkin at lots of bookstores, Babies R Us or online here.

Visit the Pea to Pumpkin Website for more information & a whole section of inspirational art, like their Facebook page for updates, or check out the visuals on Pinterest.

About the Author/Illustrator (from

A copywriter and associate creative director for over a decade, Geralyn Broder Murray has worked for advertising agencies big and small throughout California and on brands including Princess Cruises, Amtrak, Amazon, ScholarShare, PAC-12, Sutter Health, California Department of Public Health, SAFE Credit Union, Lucky Supermarkets, Goodwill and many more. Most recently, she has helmed the creative messaging behind California’s College Savings Plan, ScholarShare.

Geralyn is also a blogger, a sketcher and the author of Random House’s The Light at the End of the Diaper Pail and From Pea to Pumpkin: A Pregnancy Journal, released from Sourcebooks in March 2013. She lives with her wonderful husband, two somewhat angelic children and two not-so-angelic dogs in Northern California. Geralyn can be reached at or on Twitter as @GeralynBMurray.

Disclaimer: I received a free review copy of Pea to Pumpkin but was not otherwise compensated for this post.

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  1. I had a pregnancy journal when I was pregnant with Jonah, and am very glad I filled it in every day. I couldn't find one I liked when I was pregnant with N&K, so I used my old one over again, with a different colour ink, as there were enough blank spaces left to write in. Now I doubly treasure it, as all my memories are in one book, and it was a neat way to compare both pregnancies, week by week.
    One of my favourite pages was about older siblings. I asked Jonah a bunch of questions, recorded the answers, then traced my hand and his hand over the page so we could see how small he was then. :)


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