Thursday, October 24, 2013

Help the SPCA Help Farm Animals

Did you know that over 100 million farm animals are raised for food each year in British Columbia?
The BC SPCA works year-round to improve the lives of these animals through programs like the SPCA Certified farm certification and food labelling program and advocacy work to improve national farm animal standards. Each October the BC SPCA asks members of the public to take action as well.
World Farm Animals Day is on October 2, which is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. Join fellow animal lovers worldwide and celebrate the day by taking action for farm animals using some of the ideas below. 

Help us grow the SPCA Certified program. Choose eggs, meat and dairy products from SPCA Certified farmers who make animal welfare a priority. Ask for SPCA Certified products wherever you shop or eat, or print off the Customer Request Card (PDF) and submit it to your local grocery store. A list of SPCA producers and retailers is available at  

Speak for animals. The BC SPCA believes that farm animals deserve the Five Freedoms. If you agree, add your voice to one of the BC SPCA’s farm animal campaigns--go here for details

Register for our youth workshops. Kids love BC SPCA summer camps and youth workshops. October’s youth workshops place a special emphasis on farm animal welfare. Inspire compassionate behaviour and help kids build critical thinking skills and empathy for all living things – register today!  

Learn about farm animal issues. The more you know, the more you can help create change. Watch videos on the BC SPCA’s YouTube Channel featuring farm animal welfare experts like Dr. Temple Grandin and Dr. Ian Duncan to see positive change in action!  

Canada’s farming Codes of Practice are being updated for many farm animal species. Learn more about how new minimum standards for farm animal welfare are improving the lives of pigs, chickens, cattle and sheep by visiting

Subscribe to FarmSense, the BC SPCA’s newsletter on farm animal welfare. With over 3,300 subscribers, FarmSense is a go-to resource where farmers and members of the public can learn about new developments in farm animal welfare science, news and events. 

Support the BC SPCA’s farm animal advocacy workThe BC SPCA is the only SPCA in Canada with dedicated programs for farm animal welfare. Your gift will help create better lives for the millions of animals raised on Canadian farms each year. Donate today!

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