Monday, October 14, 2013

Review: Buying & Selling Kids' Clothing on Perfect Threads (Save 20%!)

B's Perfect Threads outfit: onesie, dress & tights
If you have one or more children, you also have a heap of outgrown clothing from said children. It's challenging to stay on top of the laundry, let alone regularly weeding out what junior has gotten too big for. Then you need to figure out what to do with it. There's always passing it on to siblings, cousins & friends, but sometimes it'd be nice to get a little cash back by consigning the clothes. I've done this in the past, but getting a consignment appointment one of the two times per year that the store takes clothing is tricky.

I've got a solution for you: do it all online! Perfect Threads is essentially a children's consignment store online. You send them your unwanted duds, get a store credit & then use that to trade up for something that will fit your growing-like-a-weed kids. Or you can send them the clothes as a donation. In this case, the clothes will be sold in the online store, but the money from their sale goes to charity. Your stack of too-small clothes is gone, they're not headed for a landfill & you or a charity gets something in return. Win-win-win!

Shopping on Perfect Threads is really easy--just like most other online shops, you can create a wish list, browse by size, gender, type of clothing. It took me just a few minutes to find quite a few things I liked. They also have a great section of 'Bargain Boxes' with sets of 'Three Star' clothing that's a little more well-loved than their main selection. I thought I'd pick up one of these for Little Miss Spits-Up-A-Lot. I was quite happy with the quality of the clothes. Perfect for play clothes or outfits to send your child to daycare or preschool in, you can get a handful of outfits for just $7.99-$12.99!

I got to try out Perfect Threads thanks to my blogger friend, the fabulous Tairalyn from Little Miss Mama. She's also sweet-talked Perfect Threads into giving us a deal so you can try it out with a discount. Head on over to Tairalyn's post HERE for more on the company & the coupon code to save 20%!

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Disclaimer: I was given a credit at Perfect Threads so I could order some clothes, but was not otherwise compensated for this post. The above opinions are my own, of course.

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