Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Create Something One Of A Kind with Blurb & SAVE 30%

I've got two things for you from Blurb: some amazing gift ideas & a coupon code to save 30% off your purchase.

I've written about Blurb for making photo books before, but did you know that people sell their creations on the site too? As the leading indie- & self-publishing platform, Blurb has an entire online bookstore full of unique books by an incredible array of undiscovered, self-published authors, artists, & photographers. Think about what cool gifts they'd make! People love getting really creative, one-of-a-kind books for Christmas. Books that elicit a “where did you find this?” response. So, if you’re thinking of giving unique gifts this year, consider these titles. Each costs around $40 USD or less:

We all have cookie cravings. Popular food blogger Maria Lichter decided to put them into something deliciously original: A baking book featuring 30 recipes you won’t find anywhere else.

This charming collection of original, vintage photos shows us that as long as there have been cameras, we’ve wanted to photograph our canine best friends. As a special bonus, there’s a glossary of the early photographic methods used in the original images.

Perfect for the photography or graffiti art fan on your list. This book is an explosion of gritty colour that explores the wonders of street art & analog photography.

A short, wonderfully illustrated collection of recipes (& food stories) that will inspire you to pick up the knife & spatula—or just pen & paper.

Illustrated & written many years apart by a mother & daughter, this sweet rhyming story told by a fox is pure joy for all ages.

Chicken goggles, air-conditioned rocking chairs, monkey jockeys for greyhounds… humankind has invented & sought to patent some amazing & crazy things. Illustrator Jordan Natyshen illustrates some of the strangest in this history of odd inventions.

The perfect stocking-stuffer for fans of off-beat humor, this undeniably nutty book is based on a Tumblr blog & combines simple photo collages of small horses in human environments with incredibly funny captions.

What can you do with an empty roll of toilet paper? If you’re French artist Anastassia Elias, you create tiny dioramas inside of the discarded tubes. Inspired by & and movies, these pieces are beautifully crafted, fun, & unbelievably detailed.

If you, or someone you love, listened to New York punk & new wave in the 70s, chances are your favorite artist can be found in this book. Bobby Grossman photographed Iggy Pop, David Byrne, The Ramones, Debbie Harry, Andy Warhol & many more. This book is a time capsule of—& a love letter to—a legendary time, place, & sound.

Take a second & head over to Blurb to see if you can end your search for that perfect gift this season! Oh, & one more thing to make it worth your while:

Save 30% on Blurb's Print Books with code: SAVE30

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post & as a Blurb affiliate, I will get a small commission if you follow one of the links above & purchase a book on the site. 

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