Sunday, December 15, 2013

Siblings (with video cuteness)

Two-month-old Brontë gets a goodnight kiss from her big brother.
Three months in, I'm really enjoying seeing the relationship grow between Linnaeus & Brontë. He runs to her when she cries to rock her little chair or give her a toy to play with. He kisses her on the forehead spontaneously & asks to hold "his baby" most days. She watches him & what he's doing, giving him big wide smiles when he's near.

When I thought about having a child, I really wanted to have two so that they could have this kind of relationship. I have nothing against only children & don't believe there's anything wrong with having only one. I wrote more about why I wanted my kids to have siblings in another post here.

So far, my hopes have come true for  Linnaeus & Brontë. Though he occasionally gets a little rowdy near her as I'm breastfeeding her on the couch, for example, he is generally quite gentle with her. When he calls her "my baby", that really gets me.

I know there will be some serious sibling rivalry to deal with at some point in the future, but for now, I'm just enjoying the present.

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  1. The sweet look Bronte gives her doting brother is heartwarming. Such beautiful siblings.


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