Friday, January 17, 2014

$10/Day Childcare Plan is Good for Everyone

For my readers who are parents of children, I don't have to tell you how difficult & expensive it is to find decent childcare in this province. For our family, it's meant that I haven't gone back to work because even with only one child, I wouldn't have earned that much more than the childcare costs. With two kids, there's no point in me working at all--my entire take-home paycheque would be gone.

The solution is to treat childcare & early childhood education just as we do elementary & secondary school: publicly fund it. The Coalition of Childcare Advocates of BC has set out a workable plan to do just that: the $10/day Childcare Plan.

About the Plan

In 2010, the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC & the Early Childhood Educators of BC released a draft plan for an Integrated System of Early Care & Learning in BC. The draft responded to BC’s implementation of full school day Kindergarten for five-year-olds & the deepening child care crisis facing BC families.

For over six months, thousands of British Columbians engaged in a dialogue about this draft plan. This dialogue helped shape & inform their finalized Community Plan for a Public System of Integrated Early Care and Learning.

The Plan, released in April 2011, offers a concrete, innovative and ambitious way forward & provides a framework for significant & lasting change.

Since its release, the Plan has been enthusiastically endorsed & supported by a growing number of individuals & organizations. These voices are calling on government to adopt & implement the Plan so that children, families, communities & our economy are served by a high quality, universal, democratic & accountable system of early care & learning.

What can you do? 

Read up on the plan. Here are five fact sheets with tons more information:

Follow CCCABC on Facebook & Twitter for more information.

Endorse the Plan as an individual, as an organization or as an academic.
Spread the word! Share this blog post. Post the above fact sheets on social media. Tell your friends & family.

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