Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Saturday is getting mixed reviews... how's yours?

Apologies for some spotty posting around here lately. Linnaeus has been sick on & off constantly since starting preschool. Though the immune systems of the other three of us battled valiantly until just before Christmas, we've been the house of sick for a solid six weeks now. Here's the latest one:

I posted that while breastfeeding Little Miss Snot-a-Lot & as poor Oli was cleaning preschooler barf off the floor (so happy not to have carpets!). Then Teh Interwebz broke at Oli's work, so he had to go in to fix it. I thought I'd be spending the morning mopping up vomit & trying not to ignore the snotty baby, but both children have been (fairly) blissfully sleeping for an hour. There is a ton of housework to do, but here I am, updating the blog.

How's your Saturday going?

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