Friday, February 14, 2014

BC`s registered midwives need your help!

Me & my midwife Tracy, less than an hour before Brontë's birth.
Midwives provided all my prenatal care & attended the births of both my children. Every step of the way I was cared for with respect & I recommend anyone choose a midwife as their maternity care provider. It's not just about my overwhelmingly positive personal experience, however, that makes me an advocate for midwifery. Research has shown time & again that midwifery produces wonderful results: lower c-section rates, lower incidence of pre-term births, not to mention less time in hospital. Midwifery also costs our health care system significantly less than maternity care provided by doctors.

So why do BC's midwives need your help? Well, on January 23rd they launched a New Vision for Midwifery and Maternity care in British Columbia.

Their new vision is about supporting midwives to work to their full potential & assist in the delivery of 35% of the births in BC by 2020, to increase access to maternity care in rural communities & improve health outcomes for women & newborns, while reducing health care costs – something all British Columbians can support!

To keep the momentum going, we need to spread the word & generate support for this new vision, so the general public & provincial government take notice of the campaign.

Here’s how you can help--it won’t take long:

First – Learn

Visit and read their Vision.

  • Learn about how we want BC to increase midwife-assisted births from 16% today to 35% by 2020. Learn how this one change can mean a savings of $60 million dollars to the health care system by 2020.
  • Learn about how women in the care of midwives experience a lower rate of preterm births; a lower rate of c-sections and other interventions, and require less time in hospitals.
  • Learn about how midwives provide women with a high level of safe, personal care during the most important experiences of their life.
  • Watch the available videos and hear Professor Elaine Carty talk about the benefits of midwifery care or hear Dr. Klein discuss the importance of expanding access to midwifery services and others. 

Second – Share

Third, Recruit!

Talk to your friends & family about the importance of midwifery & how they can help.

Thank you! Change starts here - it starts with people like you who let their voices be heard.

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