Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review: Backyardigans Sea Deep in Adventure Live show

L enthralled by the Backyardigans show
Last Saturday we got the chance to go see the Backyardigans Sea Deep in Adventure live show. The whole Spokesfamily went, & we all enjoyed it. Linnaeus was the perfect age for the show, at three & a half, though I saw a lot of toddlers that thoroughly enjoyed themselves too. Bronte slept through the first half, but enjoyed the second part after she woke up from her nap.

The story centres on the Backyardigans, who are friendly little creatures including Tyrone the moose, Tasha the hippo, Pablo the penguin, Austin the kangaroo & Uniqua, the... (wait for it) Uniqua. (I think she's an alien?) The theatrical production is similar to the animated TV series, which we haven't seen much. They have imaginitive role-playing adventures with intermittent musical numbers & then get home to their back yards again by snack time.

Though we have only seen the show twice, Linnaeus didn't have any trouble getting into the show. He was wrapped up in the action & musical numbers the entire time. The costumes were gorgeous--I particularly liked the seaweedy characters & the octopus woman was great. The show was a good length for little kids, broken up by an intermission with enough time for diaper changes or preschooler toilet trips plus a little wiggling time to get out some of the energy so they could sit down for the second half.

Even B enjoyed the half that she was awake for.
The one thing I was a little surprised by was the fact that everyone in attendance, including babes in arms, must buy a ticket. I found out later that this is a policy of the Orpheum theatre, not the Backyardigans show, but it's worth calling ahead to check the policy if you're headed to the show with a wee one.

You've missed this Backyardigans show in Vancouver, but if you live elsewhere, there are still tons more shows all across the country in March & April. Check here to find the event nearest you.

Sea Deep in Adventure is produced by Koba Entertainment, who are behind the family theatrical productions Toopy & Binoo, Dora the Explorer, Richard Scarry's Busytown, The Doodlebops & more. For more information, visit the Koba Entertainment website, like their facebook page, & follow Koba on Twitter.

Disclaimer: I was given tickets to see the show for free, but was not otherwise compensated for this post. The opinions & words above are my own.

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