Friday, March 28, 2014

Coming Up For Air, or After The Ball

Me, all gussied up for Savour Our Neighbourhood
Whew. TGIF. Or, more like, TGTFIO (Thank goodness that fundraiser is over). Though I had a relatively small part to play in organizing this fundraiser, it's been constantly on my mind for weeks & weeks. Hence the somewhat spotty blogging here. If you missed my post about it or my incessant promotion of it on Facebook & Twitter, here's a recap.

I, along with more than a dozen other board members & staff of the Mount Pleasant Family Centre just hosted our very first proper big adult fundraiser: Savour Our Neighbourhood, at Heritage Hall. We involved more than a dozen eateries, bakeries & even an artisanal ice cream shop, four breweries, plus literally dozens of local businesses who donated prizes. We coordinated raffles, basket draws & a silent auction, debuted a video all about the Mount Pleasant Family Centre (SEE BELOW), & held a Twitter contest. It was a crazy learning curve for many of us with BC's byzantine liquor laws, not to mention all of the complications of getting food from that many providers.

I can't even talk any more about the insane amount of work & stress that went into this, or I'll trigger some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder. (Okay, I jest. But only a little) What I will say is that the event went off without any major hitches. The sold-out crowd thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful beers, wine, food & fabulous band (Some of the members of SoulStream & some from Smokin' Section). Once I'd finished my duties at check-in/greeting, then raffle ticket sales, then Twitter contest management, I got to relax for a few minutes.

I'm so glad we did it &, at the same time, I'm also so glad it's over. On to the thank you notes, 'post mortem' debriefing, & patting ourselves on the back. See you in this space a little bit more often, too!

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