Sunday, March 9, 2014

Listicles: Traditions We Didn't Do

I wear a wedding band, but we didn't bother with the engagement ring.
Hello again! It's that time of the week when I post a list of ten things, otherwise known as Listicles. This week's topic is traditions. As usual, I thought I'd turn it on its head & write about ten traditions we don't follow. Here goes:

  1. Engagement ring. We just skipped this part--it's not a very old tradition & only really started to prop up the diamond industry. We invested the money in real estate instead.
  2. White wedding dress. I did wear a skirt, but since our wedding was at the top of a mountain we hiked up, it was a blue quick-dry fabric running skirt from MEC. 
  3. Wedding then reception. We got married, then had our honeymoon & when we came back we had a party.
  4. Naming our son after a man in the family. We gave him a first & middle name we liked. Our daughter does have her paternal grandmother's name as her middle one, though.
  5. Christenings. Not being religious at all, we never bothered with these.
  6. Weihnachtsteller. This is a tradition my husband grew up with--a plate of goodies given on Christmas Eve. We follow my family's tradition of stockings instead.
  7. Christmas presents. Okay, my husband & I buy for each other, as well as presents for children in the family, close friends' children, but not the adults like my sisters or our parents. It got to be just too much shopping, so we started donating money instead.
  8. Burials. Everybody that I know of in my family was cremated.
  9. Thanksgiving & Easter dinner. We often have a family dinner then, but not always. 
  10. Summer vacations. I grew up going camping & travelling across the province to see family in the summers, but Oli & I just haven't really done much travelling in the summers due to our jobs & having the kids the last few years. I'd really like to start at least camping once or twice every summer though.
After writing this list, it seems traditions for me can be summed up by: marriage, birth, death & holidays. How about you? Can you think of any traditions that you didn't do? Are there any that you'd like to start? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Well, except for the stockings, it seems you and I are completely opposite people! We do or have done everything on your "we don't do" list. :). Your mountaintop wedding sounds fun, though.

  2. Great list! We didn't do the "smash cake" for first birthdays. Or get professional photos taken of sweet, sleepy, flopsy newborns. Or wedding rings - I have an engagement-ish ring and that's it between the two of us. We also didn't honeymoon, unless you count a couple of nights camping on my in-laws' back forty with ... the in-laws! Super romantic!! :)

  3. I like the idea of breaking tradition! I think I might be able to come up with 10 although it wouldn't be quite as easy.

    Our wedding was quite non-traditional for the time and place. My dress was cream-colored, short and I wore no veil. My husband wore suspenders and no jacket or vest. I could add to this wedding list, but won't for now.

  4. What a great take on this week's Listicles! We definitely followed pretty much all of the wedding traditions. I watched how stressed my sister was bucking tradition with her wedding, and figured I'd let my mother and stepmother deal with whatever they wanted. In the end, both strategies were stressful! Though, like you, we've made a point of not having our kid's names as exact copies of relatives. (the 4-year old's middle name is from my paternal grandmother, and the baby's name is inspired by my husband's grandmother...but is very different)

  5. We don't do family politics!
    We didn't get married in a church!
    The kids' first bday parties were during their naps: Wine (one!) and cheese for us with friends

    We do try to implement new traditions, but find the pressure of executing them the exact same way time after time to be too much. We try to focus on relationships and memories instead.

  6. I want to be cremated too. That way my family can have a huge party.


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