Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Living Small with a Baby or Two & Stokke Steps Chair Review

So many families are living in smaller and smaller spaces these days while at the same time babies seem to come with more and more stuff. Some days I still feel like I'm being buried in an avalanche of baby and kid gear, but I have learned a few things over the past few years of parenting. I'd like to share with you my tips on minimizing the clutter when you have one or more kids.

Stokke Steps highchair & bouncer system--great for small spaces
Double Duty

Buy, beg and borrow multipurpose items or products that will grow with your child. There are some great products out there like the Stokke Steps chair, or their Tripp Trapp which are adaptable for different ages.

The Stokke Steps is a system that has a bouncer seat that can attach to the high chair part so baby can join you at the table long before they're ready to eat. The high chair can be used for six-month-old babies with the tray and harness, all the way up to preschoolers who just need a higher chair.

Though you can find cheaper alternatives out there, you won't find more beautiful or better quality. The Stokke chairs will last through many children & look good doing it. They are quite space efficient too, so ideal for a condo or small home, like so many of us live in.

It's quite easy to find cribs that convert to toddler beds., which will make the transition to using a 'big kid bed' easier too.

To save space in the bedroom, you can find low shelving units that can function as a bench for story time as well as a book or toy shelf. We never bought a change table, instead we used a low, wide dresser with a change pad on top. We kept diapers in the top drawers & wipes, etc on a shelf above.  

To read more tips, stay tuned for my full post on One Smiley Monkey, coming soon! 

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