Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bronte 0.8

Baby B munching on Cheerios
Argh. I wrote this & Blogger ate it. Sigh. So a list it will be, as I just don't have the energy to rewrite it:

In her eighth month, Bronte:

  1. Finally got her first tooth & is currently working on the second. 
  2. Got better at crawling & moves forward a little, as well as sideways, backwards & around.
  3. Started eating three meals a day.
  4. Gained another pound & a half or so, jumping up to the 70th percentile from the 30th.
  5. Sang, squealed, growled, babbled & blew raspberries more than ever.
  6. Started peeking around the sides of her stroller to look at people when we're out.
  7. Figured out how to pick up & eat Cheerios.
  8. Has almost entirely stopped gagging while eating, even on lumpy oatmeal or chunks of fruit.
  9. Grew a little in height but is still near the bottom of the charts.
  10. Started clapping.

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