Saturday, June 28, 2014

#EcoClutterBuster Update: A Disappointing Donation

Stroller stuffed with donations
 It's been a while--like over three months--since I last posted about the #EcoClutterBuster project. I recently read a couple of things online that inspired me to get back into it with the decluttering: Recovering From the Pack Rat Years & The Clutter Culture.

Inspiration or no, I'm still struggling to get rid of stuff. I've started thinking of it in cubic feet. Today we got rid of about two or three cubic feet of stuff, an odd assortment of kitchen ware, clothing, a game, some decor items & a few other odds & sods. We loaded up the stroller & walked over to the Salvation Army Thrift store near our house. After unloading everything into their loading bay we went into the store & poked around a bit.
Sally Ann Donation Receiving Area
While my husband was near the doorway to the back area where they sort the donations, he saw the staff there chuck a lot of things into the trash compactor & smash the glass out of large picture frames--to be recycled, I guess? I'm not sure where our stuff went--the large picture frames weren't ours--but I'm not happy to know that they just bin a lot of the donations.

I'm seriously disheartened by this. If the people I donate to just send it off to the landfill, why bother? I wouldn't have dragged my stuff over there if I'd known that staff were likely to just pitch it. I understand that they can't take everything, but if their stores are full, why not stop accepting donations?

What's been your experience with thrift store donations? Did they keep the stuff to sell, or did they just chuck it in the dumpster? Anyone ever worked at a thrift store, or otherwise have "insider knowledge"?

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