Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Have you seen the new, improved Vancouver Aquarium yet?

Don't forget to bring your water bottle to the Aquarium! 
If you haven't been to the Aquarium this summer, you should go check out their new expansion. I got a tour of the facility in July & I can tell you, there's a lot to see.

The new building is more sustainable (built to LEED Silver standards) & now double the size, with a cleaner, more modern feel to it. You'll see it right at the new entrance, in the gift shop, the gorgeous new cafe with a large patio area, & a two-level atrium space featuring a huge globe upstairs & tons of space for events downstairs.

More importantly, several of the animal habitats are improved, including the Bat Cave & the Tropics area.

A glimpse of the new coral exhibit

Inspiring future veterinarians at the new Clownfish Cove
I won't show you too many photos of the new renovations--you should go see it for yourself! Before you go, or if you can't make it, please check out the page all about Chester, the recently rescued baby false killer whale. He's improving--now swimming on his own without the aid of a flotation sling--but he still needs 24-hour care at the Marine Mammal Rescue facility. You can read his story here. Your donations help with this important rescue & rehabilitation work. More information including a link to donate online can be found on the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre webpage.

Another way to support the aquarium is to buy a membership for yourself or your family. They make great gifts for kids (remember, Christmas is only four months away!) because they don't clutter up the playroom with another toy. Probably the best thing about having a membership to a place like this is so you can go for a short visit without having to worry about "getting your money's worth" in one epic day. Go for an hour just to see the frogs & snakes, then go watch the belugas from the Arctic Gallery on your next visit. Your kids can spend the next trip in the new, improved Clownfish Cove, playing marine mammal veterinarian. Membership benefits are many (Skip the line! Member-only events! 20% off at the cafe & gift shops, AquaCamps, Animal Encounters, sleepovers, & birthday parties too!)

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