Friday, August 8, 2014

Jam at the Jam: A Block Party in the FraserHood

A couple of days ago, I heard a knock at the door. I opened it, despite the fact that when I'm surprised by someone knocking at my door, it's nearly always someone trying to get me to give money to a charity or go to a church. Happily, it was two new neighbours, Michelle & Brittney, from around the corner, come to let me know about a block party they're planning. Here are the details, in case you find yourself in the Fraser & Kingsway area this weekend:

Jam at the Jam
August 9th // 12-4pm: Laneway Revitalization * Laneway Clean-up
* Community Garden Building
* Laneway Scavenging

August 10th // 2-8pm: Community Celebration!* Arts & Crafts Workshops
* Improv Puppet Shows
* Clothing Swap
* Live Music
* Tamales, poutine, and hotdogs!
* Friendship Building Ceremonies
* Outdoor Art Gallery
* And Much More!

If you like, you can RSVP or ask questions via the Facebook Event page. More information at 

Hope to see you there!

This party was funded by the Vancouver Neighbourhood Small Grants program, which gives money to projects that connect & engage communities. Learn more about it & apply for funding for your own idea at

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