Thursday, September 18, 2014

Baby Talk Two

Little chatty Brontë
Watching my baby hit all their milestones has been thrilling, even the second time around, but my favourite stage so far with both kids is when they start talking. It's fascinating to me what their first words are. I feel like I can understand what's going on in Brontë's little brain a bit better now that's she's using words. It's quite easy to see what words she understands too, as she'll do things that you ask her immediately, or turn to someone whose name you've mentioned. She knows her brother's name & tonight I heard her calling "Nay! Nay!" which might be his name. Not quite sure about that one yet. I'll have to watch to see how she uses the sound.

I feel like the first few words that kids learn to use tell you a bit about their personality in a way. Linnaeus' first ten were:

  1. bye
  2. huh-tuh=hot/ I'm checking the temperature of this
  3. apa=apple
  4. da=dance
  5. mvuuh/meuhh=moo
  6. Mama
  7. Papa
  8. amah?/anuh?=give me that
  9. tee/dee=tree
  10. beh=bear/fuzzy animal that's not a dog

These words tell you something about who he was as a baby & some of them are still true today. He's still fairly sensitive to temperature, particularly when it comes to food. He loved apples as a baby. Mama & Papa were both learned around the same time, proably because we were both home with him for his first year, so he got to spend a lot of time with us. He's still pretty interested in trees & animals too.

So far, Brontë's first words are:

  1. Mama
  2. Hey=hi, usually waves when she says it
  3. Teese=teeth (this one hasn't been used for weeks)
  4. Yeah
  5. Uh-ah=uh-oh, or, I'm going to drop something off my high chair
  6. Upah=up
  7. Heeah=here, used when handing you something
  8. Hah=hat
  9. Papa (she said this a couple times a month ago or so, but hasn't since)
  10. Nay (this one's still a maybe--might have meant 'Linnaeus' or might have been a coincidence)
Brontë's words are mostly people & social things or requests. I'm unsurprised that one of her first ten is a word for clothing, as she loves putting things on her head & around her neck. She also understands quite well how to get out of her clothes & is quite helpful stepping out of pants or pulling her arms out of sleeves at the end of the day. I suspect I should start beefing up the "Tickle Trunk" now for the future dress-up sessions we're likely to have.

So what do you think? Do kids' first words tell you something about their little personalities?

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  1. I didn't write down a list of the first 10 words for each child. I only know the first word for each. Jonah's first word (other than Mama) was good. I always used to ask him if the food was good at meals, and he picked up on that. Natalie's first word was uh-oh. Before Mama I think, and yes, it usually preceded throwing something edible on the floor. Kira's first word was Papa, which was unusual, as her sister and brother couldn't pronounce that word for months. If Bronte loves hats, should I be giving her some ridiculously silly knitted hats for Christmas??

    1. Not even the first ten? Though, I guess I'm a bit obsessed when it comes to the words... I'll probably keep track of Bronte's first 100, just like I did for Linnaeus. There's actually a tab at the top of the blog with that info, if you're curious. :)

      & yes, I think a silly hat might be a great Christmas present idea. Not necessarily a useful toque, as we have a few already, but something for dress-up play, maybe?


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