Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fashion Challenge: #moms30for30

Do you love all the clothes that you own? Do you wear all of them? Have you tried to 'edit' your wardrobe recently? I'm not a fashion blogger & style isn't something I write about much here, but of course I think about it. As a woman it seems difficult not to be fairly image-conscious.

When I was perusing my Facebook feed recently, I came across an invitation by Salma Dinani, of The Write Balance, to participate in 30 for 30. It's a month-long wardrobe challenge to get you thinking about what you wear & how to get the most out of fewer pieces. The rules are simple: you put away all your clothes except 30 pieces that you can wear during the 30 day challenge. Underwear, socks, shoes, coats, pyjamas, & most importantly, accessories--these things don't count toward your 30 items. Also, no shopping during the month. The point of the challenge is to make the best of what you've got--not to add to it at all during the month of November.

30 items of clothing sounds like a lot, doesn't it? I started planning my 30 as I was nursing the baby down a couple of days ago. I listed all my favourites & got to 30 quite quickly. Then when I physically started sorting clothing, I found even more that I wanted to have...

After hemming & hawing for a while, here's the final list:
  • a hoodie
  • three cardigans
  • a short sleeve sweater
  • a blouse
  • one t-shirt
  • two long sleeve tops 
  • a collared shirt
  • a one tank & one sleeveless top
  • two turtlenecks
  • four pairs of jeans
  • three leggings
  • six dresses
  • three skirts

Besides the fact that month-long challenges are fun, here's what I hope to get out of this 30 for 30 thing:

  • Making it easier to get rid of more of my clothes--if I can live with 30 pieces for a month, surely I don't need some of the ones I didn't use at all in that month. My ultimate goal is to get rid of most of my clothes & create a small wardrobe that I love. I don't need a massive wardrobe full of cheap things, items that don't fit well, & pieces I don't absolutely love.
  • Wearing a few pieces that I made or loved in the past that I somehow never get around to pulling out of the closet (#7, 8, 13, 17, 20, 21)
  • Get back into the habit of putting effort into my outfits. I still have my standards (I won't wear work out clothes except during my workouts or pyjamas out of the house) but a lot of my clothes don't fit that well. I don't have a lot of time to get ready or shop for new clothes or shoes. Function trumps form these days too: whatever I wear has to be practical for traipsing around in damp parks, possibly with a baby strapped to me, crouching & bending over, being grabbed by sticky fingers.
  • Do some more full-body selfies for my continuing #365FeministSelfie project. This should be an interesting challenge to show my whole outfit daily since we have no full-length mirrors in the house at all!

What about you? Would you like to play along too? (you don't have to be a mom!) Even if you don't want to join in you can still follow along on Instagram: look for the #moms30for30 hashtag to see what we put together out of our 30 pieces.

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  1. So glad you've joined the challenge Lisa. I did it for the first time in February and I did get a lot out of it including learning to make more outfits out of fewer clothes and figuring out my style. Enjoying all your ensembles so far and you really know how to rock a hat!


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