Friday, November 14, 2014

Review: Foost First Knife

Foost First Knife in action (image via Foost)
I can't remember where I heard about Foost First Knife, but when I checked out their website, I loved the idea for three big reasons. First: Linnaeus is going through a stage of wanting to do nearly everything I do--typical for a four-year-old, I think. Almost every day, when I'm baking, chopping vegetables, or making lunch, my little shadow pops up behind me & asks, "Can I do that too?" I have tried helping Linnaeus use our kitchen knives before, holding his hands & making sure the sharp Henckels blade doesn't slice into his fingers. But that was before baby Bronte started walking, climbing, & generally causing chaos if I'm not watching her like a hawk.

The weight & size of the Foost First Knife are well designed for small hands & it's serrated but doesn't have an edge on it, so it'll cut through hard vegetables like carrots, but not injure little fingers if it slips. So I could theoretically leave Linnaeus chopping veggies for a minute while I grab his sister off the kitchen table or pop a piece of errant Lego out of her mouth. Billed as a knife for kids from 2-10, I think it's ideal for the lower half of that age range. If you've got a child that's six or older, there's the more advanced Foost Next Knife.

The second reason I like Foost First Knife: when Linnaeus is more involved in making & serving out the food we eat, he eats better. Linnaeus was excited to get his knife in the mail & guessed what it was before I opened the package. We tried it out on some cheese at lunch time, then some carrot sticks. With harder foods, you need to saw through, so you're not going to get precise slices. But then again, were you expecting perfect medallions from a four-year-old? When I sent carrot sticks to preschool for snack time, a lot of the time they come home unopened. But when Linnaeus gets to cut the carrots himself, he always eats them.

The third thing that made me want to share this product with you: Foost isn't a company that's just trying to sell gadgets for kids, they want to change the world. Kate, a dietitian, & David, a children's education specialist & entrepreneur created Foost to teach families about benefits of eating more fruits & vegetables & how it can be fun, via classroom demonstrations, parent education, & fundraising. They own & operate Foost in Melbourne, Australia, where they live with their four children. 

I think Foost would make a great stocking stuffer. Foost also makes another gadget that sounds like fun: a vegetable noodler. It uses a spiral plane blade to cut long strips from all sorts of veggies. Imagine the colourful soups & pastas you could make & how many vegetables you could get your kids to slurp up! Or if you wanted to make a bigger gift of it, Foost also sells the Mini Chef Pack which includes an apron & a chef's hat, or the Junior Chef Pack which contains a Foost Next Knife, apron, chef's hat, mesh safety glove, veggie scrubber, & a veggie noodler.

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Disclaimer: I received a free Foost knife to facilitate this review, but was not otherwise compensated.

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