Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Resolutions: The Score

It's that time again, when I take a look at my long-lost list of resolutions for the year & see how badly I did. Here's the lowdown.
  1. Start going to Mama Fitcamp again. Trying to ignore the number on the scale & the size on my clothing tags to just focus on how being more fit makes me feel. Hmm. I did go to Fit4Two spinning classes for a few months, which was awesome. But once Bronte was mobile, it wasn't safe to bring her to mom & baby spinning. Sadly, a hip issue has derailed much other exercise than cycling, including the bootcamp style stuff they do in Mama Fitcamp.
  2. Eat more vegetables, less sweets & even fewer meat products with nitrates in them. We may have eaten a bit more in the way of vegetables. Hard to say. Fairly sure we have eaten less nitrates-laced meat products in the past few months. However, I never really cut down on sweets. 
  3. Downsize my fabric & craft supplies collection so I can use my sewing room properly (it's just stacked floor-to-ceiling with stuff right now). I got rid of a small load of stuff by donating to Our Social Fabric (visit this post for more details on that awesome organization). Room is still crammed to the gunnels.
  4. Start doing keyword research & search engine optimization on my blog posts. Nope.
  5. Write more about cycling & car-sharing. I published one or two posts a month on average about biking & car-sharing, which is less than I wanted, but probably more than before.
  6. Be more patient with my family. Not sure I managed this. I may have become even less patient, to be honest.
  7. Get out of the neighbourhood on day trips more often on the weekends. Living car-free means we don't tend to travel too far from home most days. However, when we've done little trips out of Vancouver proper, booking a Modo car & sometimes adding in an errand in the vicinity or on the way, it's worked out well. We did a few weekend outings here & there, but not monthly as I was hoping to do.
  8. Be more careful with our spending. I don't feel the need to do any extreme financial dieting, just cutting back on buying things we don't necessarily need. Like clothes for the kids--they both have enough clothes that it's hard to organize it all in our little house. I did buy fewer clothes for the kids in the latter half of the year, I think. Bronte hardly needs anything with all the adorable hand-me-downs she gets from cousins. Linnaeus gets enough given to him as gifts & from friends here & there too. The fact that I have two very active, mobile children means I'm less likely to do any shopping at all, so we may have cut back a little on spending. Meal planning helps with saving a little on groceries, definitely. (more on meal planning here)
Hm, so some successes, some failures. What about you? Did you make resolutions this past year? Did you succeed with any of them? Do you think they're worth bothering with?re

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