Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Linnaeus 4.4

Counting the days until Christmas on our advent calendar.
These days, Linnaeus is:
  1. Playing with Bronte a lot, but frustrated with her for not understanding what he wants her to do. This often devolves into him dragging her by the arm into his play scenario & her objecting vociferously, then me breaking it up.
  2. Showing a lot more empathy toward me & his sister, trying to hug her or saying things to help her feel better. It's nice to see him being so sweet.
  3. Referring to conversations we had previously & capable of understanding much more in general.
  4. Constantly sick with some bug or another, resulting in crankiness, occasional random late afternoon naps, & a whole lot of snot.
  5. Colouring (well) in the lines, when he is at all interested in bothering with crayons, which isn't often.
  6. Really into his "potty mouth", chanting "POO POO" until his sister gets in on the act. Though this has lessened compared to a couple of weeks ago.
  7. Again banned from eating lollipops. I thought he was okay with them, but recently he accidentally swallowed one after he'd pulled it off the stick. It got stuck in his throat--not his airway, as he could breath just fine--but it was quite painful & upsetting to him, then he vomited it up. 
  8. Quite good at counting to twenty, though he often misses a number or two in the teens. We do it every day when we count the number of days until Christmas & then put that number up on our giant felt advent calendar.
  9. No longer nervous about getting his hair cut. A couple of weeks ago he said his hair was getting in his eyes & demanded we make an appointment immediately. When we went to the Hair Loft (kids' hair specialists in Granville Island Kids Only Market) a few days later, he was quite excited & happy about the whole thing. 

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