Sunday, December 14, 2014

Things my Toddler has Thrown in the Toilet This Month

  1. Playmobil barrel (flushed)
  2. Knit finger puppet
  3. Sandra Boynton board book
  4. Sandra Boynton tub book
  5. Papa's toothbrush
  6. Toilet paper roll (empty)
  7. Toilet paper roll (full)
  8. Hairbrush
  9. Automoblox wheel
  10. Her shoe (nearly flushed)
  11. Her hands (I've lost count how many times)
Let the record show that we do in fact have a baby gate between the living room & bathroom. I've considered a toilet lock, but I'm afraid it, like the gate, would also be four-year-old-proof. Speaking of Bronte's brother, I don't remember Linnaeus doing this when he was really little. Please tell me this is just a phase. A short phase? Also: how do you disinfect a board book?!?

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