Thursday, January 1, 2015

#365FeministSelfie Project Complete!

When I heard about the #365FeministSelfie project, I loved the idea & it seemed like an easy thing to do. Early in the year I was keeping track of the hashtag & started following a few other Instagrammers who were participating. I saw the participation grow from a handful to hundreds over the first few months, then it seemed to die down again. People were becoming less diligent about their daily pics & some people quit altogether.

Early on, I started talking back & forth with a few of the other participants, leaving comments on each others' selfies, then more comments on other shots we were posting to Instagram. I guess I'd say I made a few new 'friends', in the odd way that you can be friends on social media without ever having met in person.

So, what did I learn over this year of daily photos of myself? I'm not sure. I think I am more likely to get myself in the shot now, rather than exclusively posting cute pictures of my kids. It made me think about photography a little more--just in basic sense--trying to frame shots better, move around for the best light or angle. I thought more about how to tell a story with my pictures.

Will I keep selfie-ing? Probably, but not every single day. It'll be a relief in a way to take a break from them. I may do another photo challenge of some sort though. I actually liked the rigour of having to take a specific type of picture daily.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from my #365FeministSelfie project:

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