Saturday, January 31, 2015

YouTubed: Kirsten Dirksen Documentaries

YouTube is a great source of DIY project advice, as I've written about in my last posts on my favourite YouTube channels here & here. Another genre that YouTube is full of is independent documentaries.

Kirsten Dirksen is one of the best ones out there, documenting some fascinating places & people. The theme of self reliance & DIY runs through her films, with many a creative genius featured who has built &/or designed their own home, ship, or garden, sometimes in the most unlikely of places. Though she lives in Barcelona, she's been documenting the tiny house movement in the US since before it was a 'thing', as well as focussing on alternative transportation, like her recent video on electric skateboards.

These documentaries are bite-sized--often ten to twenty minutes long. They straddle the perfect line between the high budget epic docs you might see on TV, & the gonzo shaky phone camera stuff shot by lucky bystanders. The questions asked are insightful & the films are edited with a nice flow, using decent quality cameras--unsurprising, as Dirksen used to produce shows for various American networks. Her interviews always feel very relaxed & natural because it's not a film crew--it's just her & sometimes her partner, occasionally their children, visiting someone & getting it on film.

I highly recommend watching a few of her films--they're pretty kid-friendly as well. I'm not the only one who's discovered her, as she has nearly a quarter million subscribers on YouTube & over 94 million views of her videos.

The following video shows you short clips of some of the interesting people she's met & incredible projects she's filmed.

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