Monday, February 23, 2015

Mama's Night Out

Requisite night out dorky selfie
Friday night last week, I went out with a few friends. No biggie, right? Well, actually, it's the first time in I can't remember how long (possibly more than five years) that I've gone out for drinks & dancing with friends. I've been wanting to do something like this for AGES, but it seems like all my friends have newborns or other good excuses.

I've been out one evening here & there to blogging related events, but those things typically don't involve much, if any alcohol, or live music. They're networking events where I get to chat with people & often get to try out new things or hear talks on something. They usually end in two or three hours & I'm home in time to put the baby to bed a bit late.

Friday night I got a real chance to let my hair down & just goof off with friends. A fellow Mount Pleasant Family Centre Board member Caitlyn had invited me to go hear her husband Cam's band. I was tired after a long week, but decided to go out anyway. I left after putting baby to bed, meeting up with another board member, Lisa, & arriving just a few minutes after the band's first set started. We had some lovely local beer & danced most of the evening, which I was surprised that I could do, given how bad my hip has been lately.

A lot of the evening I was comparing my experience to what it was like going to clubs with friends back when I did that a little more regularly, in my 20s. I care a lot less now about what other people think of my dancing, & my appearance. But that feeling of being just a little drunk, of losing yourself for a minute in the flashing lights & blasting music, that's still the same. Well, maybe it's a little sweeter because I get to experience it much less often nowadays.

As we were leaving, Lisa & I decided we needed to make this a regular thing. I'm pretty sure we'll be back to see Cam & co (aka Big Daddy & the Near Death Experience) play again soon.

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