Friday, March 13, 2015

#PlayDome is back @BCPlace! (+Insider Tips)

Tonight we are headed to the media preview of PlayDome at BC Place! Dozens of rides & attractions all inside BC Place--it's a great way to get your kids to burn off some steam during spring break, no matter what the weather.

There are plenty of rides that kids 36" & taller can go on. Some require an adult to ride too, some the kids can go on their own, & some have a maximum height limit of 42". There are plenty of spinning, dropping, flinging & scrambling rides for the bigger kids & adults too.

PlayDome runs from March 14 to 22 at BC Place, 10:30am-9pm most days--check the website for details. All-day ride passes are $29, $8 for guests. You can save $5 off your ride pass if you go before 11:30am. If you're planning to go a few times, there's an ultimate pass that will save you money too. See the playdome webpage for more info.

Here are a few insider tips that we learned from our Playdome experience last year:
  • You can't bring in your own food, but Costco is a block away from BC Place & has a $1.50 hot dog & drink special (you don't need a membership to access their concession)
  • If your child is just under or just over the height limits, the ride operators are a bit flexible...
  • There is a quiet area of seating & some food vendors near the washrooms past the carousel--great for breastfeeding or just taking a break from the hubbub

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