Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bike To Work Week is Here!

Tomorrow is Bike To Work Week! Are you a stay-at-home parent like me, or maybe you work at home? Have you signed up for Bike to Work Week? If not, join our Vancouver Family Biking team by clicking here. Log your trips to drop off the kids at preschool, pick up groceries, or maybe a meeting or two for your freelance work. Here is some incentive to sign up & log some trips:

5 Reasons to Sign up for HUB Bike to Work Week - May 25-31, 2015
  1. You'll Feel Great - Get healthier without even noticing it!
  2. The Prizes. With over $15,000 in prizes, including a trip for 2 to Europe and 6 new bikes, why wouldn't you sign up?
  3. Get Places Faster. Don't believe it? Try it out.
  4. Save Cash. Don't you want extra money to spend on things other than transportation?
  5. It's More Fun. Try it and you'll agree! Plus there'll be free food, snacks, coffee and bike repairs at over 60 Celebration Stations throughout the week.


No need for the grown ups to have all the fun, it's also Bike To School Week, so your kids can get involved too!

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