Thursday, May 28, 2015

Last Chance to Register for Vancouver Mini Maker Faire Workshops

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire is only about a week away--it's June 6-7--& I can't wait to see everything. Last year, we walked around, looked at, made, poked, rode, tried all kinds of things there. This year I'm hoping to get to a presentation or two & maybe do a workshop with Linnaeus.

I'm particularly interested in seeing Matt Lowell talk about CycleHack (11am on Saturday June 6). Here's the blurb from the VMMF website:

As the Vancouver component of the 2015 CycleHack Global Event we are gathering together a diverse range of people with different skills, knowledge and experiences of transportation to look at cycling in our city in a new way. We are taking a bottom-up approach to innovation and helping individuals prototype their ideas, bringing them to life within 48 hours.
In this presentation, we will look at where the idea of CycleHack came from and how it has grown into a truly global movement with an ever-expanding network of CycleHackers around the world. Most importantly we will be giving details about how you can get involved with CycleHack Vancouver, so don’t miss out!
Matthew Lowell is the Co-founder and Director of Global Events & Networks at CycleHack. Originally from Scotland, Matt recently moved to Vancouver where he continues to support all global organisers of the annual CycleHack Event. He is a user-centred designer with a passion for using design as a tool for social change. He studied at Glasgow School of Art, and is interested in how design thinking can be used to give form to the experiences and interactions that make up the world around us. With a background in product and service design, he is also currently working with InWithForward, a design and social innovation agency.

The whole lineup of presentations can be found on the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire website here

If you're interested in more hands-on practical learning, there are also numerous workshops on topics like silicone mold making or growing plants in Lego (that one's suitable for kids as young as three!).

The workshops vary in cost between by donation to $45 fee to cover materials. They run for 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the topic. These workshops are not drop-in (though there are many other informal activities you can do at Maker Faire) so don't forget to register by June 1!

Check out the list of what workshops are available here on VMMF's workshops page

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