Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bronte 1.9

Up & over in seconds flat.
Here's what now 21-month-old Bronte's been up to lately:
  1. Both her eyeteeth have just poked through. They're taking their sweet time coming down though
  2. Climbing over the baby gate to the kitchen. We've replaced the baby gate pictured with a slightly taller one that has only vertical bars. She hasn't figured out how to scale it. Yet.
  3. Climbing out of the crib. (are you seeing a pattern here?) Not terribly worried about the crib one, as she still doesn't actually sleep in it except for the occasional nap. She can't get out yet if she's in a sleep sack. Of course, I have to put the sleep sack on backwards so she can't take it off, so I think it's only a matter of time...
  4. Bronte rarely just says, "No!", she tends to refuse things with full sentences these days.
  5. She's started imitating her brother & pretending to be things. On the swing at the park she stuck out her little arms & said, "Quack! I'm a duck!"
  6. Putting on clothing, sometimes several layers of whatever she can get her hands on--my underwear from the laundry basket, her brother's shirt inside out--over top of what she's already wearing.
  7. Wearing her "fancy pants", aka Rhino Cruiser hip brace. She has been wearing it when she sleeps since February & will (sadly) be wearing it for at least another six months, since her recent X-rays show no improvement to her congenital hip dysplasia. 
  8. Being polite. I've been working on please & thank-yous with Linnaeus & Bronte has picked it up by osmosis, it seems. She often asks for things quite politely & will say thank you when given things. Definitely puts her in the running for cutest kid ever.
  9. Bronte has now mastered stairs on her own. She is also very good at stepping off curbs & has demonstrated this talent by running onto the street on a number of occasions recently. I am reconsidering my stance on child leashes... 
  10. Asking to read books all the time. I read when we're out (waiting for appointments, or in restaurants) & at bedtime, mostly. B's favourites are currently several Sandra Boynton board books (The counting one with dogs & Pyjama Time), Grumpy Bird, & Sounds Around Town.

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