Monday, July 6, 2015

Bronte 1.10

22-month-old Bronte mugging for the camera at the park
At 22 months, Bronte is:

  1. Independent: She likes to walk up and down stairs on her own, brush her hair, do up buckles on her stroller, highchair, bike seat, dress herself sometimes.
  2. Curious: Bronte is always trying to see what's in the kitchen drawers, what I'm doing on the counters, what's in the bathroom cabinets, plus she loves to disassemble our wallets whenever she gets at them.
  3. Stubborn: If she doesn't want to do something, it's near impossible to make her. I try to remind myself that, in theory, this could serve her well in future in the form of ambition & determination.
  4. Bookish: Bronte brings me books, then climbs in my lap & demands a story. She refers to them by what happens in the story--usually focussing on the dogs. Unfortunately, she also loves to pick at the spines & will tear off layers of the cover or rip the pages sometimes.
  5. Getting into videos: I try not to let her have much screen time, but she's really gotten attached to one of her brother's favourites, "In the Night Garden". She requests it on a regular basis, asking me to "watch the tombeeboos and iggopiggo".
  6. Destructive: I get the impression sometimes that the first thing Bronte thinks when she sees something is, "How can I break this?"
  7. Social: Always game to meet new people & only shy when she's pretending to be, this girl is the life of the party. She's also started telling people her name when asked.
  8. Fearless: There's no playground structure she hasn't tried to summit & she isn't happy on the swings unless she's going high enough that the chains are horizontal. I can't wait to take her on the rides this year when we go to the PNE.
  9. Tough: When this kid falls on her face, she'll get up, dust herself off and keep on running. She may reenact the scraped knee later when she notices the scab on the change table, but in general, she's a tough cookie. 
  10. Assertive: She's also starting to stick up for herself when her brother or anyone else does something she doesn't like. Generally she will say, "Don't ___!", & smack (or sometimes bite if she's angry enough) them back. She's still too young to have any impulse control in this regard, so there's a lot of me swooping in to try to prevent a full-on kiddie brawl.

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