Saturday, July 25, 2015

Review: Playtex Playtime Sippy Cup

I feel like I spend at least some time every day wishing I had a better sippy cup. With Linnaeus, it wasn't too hard to find some that we liked. Straw cups were great & eventually we switched to some basic tip & drink style that work as regular cups too. With Bronte, it's been more challenging. She tries to take them apart & throws them regularly. She dumps them upside down to shake the drink out & she smears them with food. So a sippy cup has to be durable, leak-proof, easy to clean, with a tightly fitting lid.

We recently tried out the Playtex Playtime sippy cup & Bronte definitely put it through its paces. This cup has been thrown, smashed on a number of different surfaces (including her brother, I'm sorry to say), covered with all kinds of sticky food, & held quite a few different drinks.

The Good
It's narrow enough that she can easily hold it with one hand, insulated so her drinks stay cool. The lid & spout are durable & easy to put on & tighten quickly. The silicone valve is easy to remove & clean. There are several types of cup available--straw cup, spout, spoutless

The Bad
I'm not so into the trademarked characters printed on the cup that we were given, but there are several other designs that are circus scenes, cars, animals, etc. I also don't like that they changed the lid so that the other Playtex sippy cups we own are not interchangeable. The narrowness means you can't really get your hand in their to clean it, but no big deal in a dishwasher.

The Verdict
Overall I like the Playtex Playtime cup. It works well & I'm considering getting another one for little B.

Disclaimer: I was given one free Playtex Playtime sippy cup to facilitate this review, but was not otherwise compensated for this post.

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