Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bronte 1.11

Eek! She can open up the fish tank lid now!
Whoops! Forgot to click 'publish' on this one last week.

A month away from two! Little Bronte is still growing & learning so much these days. Here are some of the things she's picked up in the past month:

  1. climbing over the new baby gate
  2. climbing vertical ladders at playgrounds
  3. pulling up a chair to things up high: my purse hanging on a hook so she can get the garage door opener out; the aquarium so she can open the lid & stick her fingers in the water, the counter so she can get at knives; or whatever else she shouldn't be touching up there.
  4. opening screw off caps of everything, including the supposedly childproof ones.
  5. a new word for her favourite musical instrument: the "ukulady"

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