Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Linnaeus 4.11

L on his runner bike at the Mount Pleasant Family Biking Festival. Photo by Tom Wiebe
Oops, this one got lost in the shuffle of buiildstiltsteachstiltingclassprepforbikefestival madness in early July.

Linnaeus, nearly five, is...

  1. Helpful... sometimes. One day he decided to put B's shoes on when we were getting ready to go out, another day he somehow attached the (heavy!) kiddie pool to the railing with bungees like I'd done the previous time we put it away.
  2. More independent, especially in public washrooms, but he's only gotten himself dressed on his own one day in the past month.
  3. Bike obsessed. This kid loves biking & wants to bike on his own more, but generally overestimates his ability to get up hills. He's awesome on his little Adams Runner bike but still slow on his 16" Norco Mighty Macho with the training wheels. Definitely an argument AGAINST buying a single speed bike for him.
  4. Finished preschool. In late June, after two years there, it was all over. The little potluck end of the year party was a little emotional, but mainly because one of the teachers retired this year.
  5. Curious about everything. He's starting to ask really interesting questions about the world around him. 
  6. Taller than average. He's about 44 inches tall now.
  7. Skinny. He hit 40 pounds in February & has stayed there.
  8. A great/terrible big brother. He & his sister squabble All. The. Time. Which is normal, I know, from years of doing the same myself with my sisters. He also gets the hugest smile on his face when she comes into his room in the morning. They clearly love each other.

Linnaeus is the reason that I started this blog, but over the past five years it's become something more than the online baby book that it was originally. Over the last few months I decided that this will be the second to last monthly update for Linnaeus. There will be plenty to write about when he starts school in the fall, I'm sure, but I don't feel the need to schedule them in so regularly. 

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