Monday, August 10, 2015

Linnaeus 5.0

Linnaeus turns five today. It's a big milestone, not just because he'll be starting school in about a month, but also because I'm really seeing a lot more maturity in him.

At 18 months or even three years old, he was quite afraid of any sort of medical procedure, including going to the dentist. In the past month he went to the dentist & after watching his papa's appointment, he had a full cleaning, scaling & even an X-ray happily.

Last week we went to Children's Hospital for the last part of his participation in the CHILD study. There they did all kinds of procedures including a skin prick allergy test & a blood draw. He was clearly very uncomfortable & a little upset through the skin prick test, as they had to poke him 20 times, but sat in his chair & didn't fuss too much. The blood test was a dream because they used a numbing cream. I don't think he even felt it.

Another sign of maturity that makes my life a lot easier is that he stays put & doesn't fight with other kids in park. I don't have to worry about him taking off when I have to keep my eye on Bronte constantly. He's also learned patience to a degree, waiting in lines (like at the Tumblebus as you can see on the right) or taking turns fairly willingly.

Happy birthday little buddy! I'll finish up with a few photos from the birthday party we had yesterday.

Our friend Lisa made an amazing Chirp pinata for the party!

Chirp, Squawk, & Tweet cupcakes & five candles for our big boy.

Emily loves cuddling Bronte.

Linny takes first whack at the pinata.

There were bike stickers in the pinata!

Linnaeus was thrilled with his new backpack from Auntie Sarah

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