Wednesday, August 19, 2015

We Saw Firsthand Where Our Water Comes From

Last weekend we went on a free guided tour of the Seymour Watershed, hosted by Metro Vancouver. It was specifically designed for families with a relaxed pace, not too much walking & lots of time for questions. Along the short hike, we used all our senses to experience the watershed: we stood silent for a minute & listened to the life around us, we touched soft leaves & learned which ones NOT to touch, we squeezed water out of a nurse log, we tasted licorice fern rhizome, we smelled the clean damp air of the forest.

Here are some photos from the day:

Learning where our water comes from.

The kids' first time on a school bus!

Playing while our guides Erica & Hanna told us about the reservoir.

"Flying" back to the school bus.

The view south from on top of the dam.

Checking out the salmon in the fish hatchery.

I've really missed the hiking trails of the North Shore!

Feeling the watershed with all my senses & all my toes.

Lower left: best bush toilet paper (thimbleberry). Upper right: rashes for days (devil's club)

Looking at the Seymour River.

A great place to skip rocks!

One tired toddler.

I think this kind of experience--actually seeing where our water comes from firsthand--is vital to teaching kids & even adults what an amazing natural gift we have in Metro Vancouver, why we really need to protect the watershed & conserve water.

The Seymour Watershed Tours for children are all booked up for the season, but there are still spaces available for the Coquitlam Watershed Tours. You can register for free here.

If you'd like more information on the Metro Vancouver Watershed Tours, visit their website for more details. 

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