Friday, October 16, 2015

Christmas, Already

I saw this cartoon in my Facebook feed recently. I laughed, then I realized... wait. Is that me? I've already started buying the kids' Christmas presents & planning what we're going to do in December. I'm not decorating my house for Christmas yet, unless you count the Christmas lights we left on our eaves last year.

For the Santa visit this year, we intend to go to Oakridge. I've been meaning to do this for ages, but for some reason, we always get too busy, then it's the week before Christmas, so we just combine visiting Santa with an event like Bright Nights or grocery shopping at Kingsgate Mall. But I'd really like to make it to Oakridge this time. Santa Ross is a friend of ours & he really is the best Santa in the Lower Mainland.

The other thing I've been planning is to do a book Advent calendar this year. It's pretty simple; you get 24 books & wrap each one up individually. Each day from December 1-24, the kids get to unwrap one & you read it together. The books don't necessarily have to be just Christmas stories, though most of ours probably will be. They don't need to be new books either--no need to drop $500 on books all at once--you can wrap up appropriate books you already own. I did an inventory of ours & I found 12 wintry or Christmassy storybooks. I'll try to find another dozen in the next six weeks & then wrap them all up.

So what do you think? Am I nuts for starting the Christmas prep before Halloween? Or have you already started your shopping too? I've started a Pinterest board for this Christmas to put DIY ideas & activities we want to do all in one place. Check it out if you're in the same boat & you want to get some ideas. If you have any favourite holiday books to suggest, leave them in the comments below! Thanks!

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