Friday, November 6, 2015

Bronte 2.2

Thrilled about her 12 new dogs from the Switch Witch
Bumblebee checking out our jack-o-lantern
Bronte at 26 months is an amazing little girl. She constantly surprises me by what she manages to get into or how huge a mess she can make during meals. Many times a day she's now saying, "I want to do it myself!" She's also gotten really into scribbling with crayons & painting this month, sometimes even on paper. The craft table is the first place she goes when we get into the playroom at the Mount Pleasant Family Centre & she's created a painting or collage every time we've gone.

Bronte's dexerity is really improving & she's started holding crayons in a near perfect three-finger grip without any prompting at all. She also dresses her dolls & herself sometimes, plus she is starting to ask to wear certain clothes. We always walk to the Family Centre & in general, Bronte walks on her own farther without asking to be picked up. I haven't used the stroller for ages.

In terms of language, little B is pretty amazing though she has some funny toddlerisms. For her, the pronouns him/her are interchangeable. She speaks in full sentences, uses please & thank you, but uses because somewhat oddly. I'm a linguistics nerd, so I occasionally do a word count on particularly long sentences: the longest lately has been 11 words. I've also been working on colours with her a bit. She understands what colours mean, & knows the main ones (rainbow, black, white, brown) though she can still only identify a few of them consistently.

Girl loves her tools! 
One of the things that's been really wonderful to see developing in little Bronte is empathy. I've seen her patting other kids' backs if they're upset on the playground, she's told me she wanted to give her brother a hug when he was crying, & she's always sweet to me when I'm dealing with arthritis pain. Here's a conversation we had one morning this week:

"Mama, is your arm okay?" she says with a concerned tone, as she's patting my arm.
"Yes, Bronte, I just moved my shoulder a way that it doesn't want to go."
"I make it better."
"Aw, thanks sweetie. Are you going to be a doctor when you grow up, Bronte?"
Without hesitation, "Yes."

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