Monday, November 16, 2015

Review: Ring It! by Blue Orange Games

Ring It! fun with Papa
The weather is getting cooler, wetter & we're heading to the park a bit less often these days. With more indoor play, the puzzles, building toys, & board games are seeing more action at our house. We've recently added a new one to our collection: Ring It! by Blue Orange Games.

Ring It! is a fairly simple game with a set of 90 round cards & a bell. Game play is a bit like War or Snap: you need to match cards with other players, either the numbers on the cards, or the colour.

What makes Ring It! different, & a little more fun, is that you need to do an action (clapping, or you can come up with something else like oinking) before ringing the bell. The game works with two to nine people, age five & up, though I think younger kids who know their numbers could do it too.

Linnaeus soon understood how to play & really got into the game. Once he won the first game against Oliver, he said, "Let's play again & never stop playing!" So, thumbs up from the five-year-old. I think it's great for practicing basic numeracy, colours, concentration, & improving processing speed. The game play takes only about 15 minutes, which is perfect for younger kids. It can turn into a marathon, giving more players a chance to win a game.
Thumbs up for Ring It!

The game cards are round, which makes them a bit fiddly to shuffle like a normal deck of cards, but shuffling isn't that crucial as the cards get mixed up a lot during game play anyway. The deck & bell fit neatly into the small tin for storage, so the game doesn't take much space on the shelf & would fit into a Christmas stocking.

Ring It! retails for about $20 CAD at many independent toy stores.

Disclaimer: I received this product free to facilitate this review, but was not otherwise compensated for writing about it. The words, images & opinions above are my own.

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