Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Cards

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One of the things I love about Christmas is getting mail. Packages are great, but so are the cards. Though it seems every year there are fewer of them; sending actual mail seems like a dying art.

The first card to arrive is nearly always from my parents. My mom is incredibly organized when it comes to sending out cards. I find myself always behind schedule. This year I eventually abandoned the idea of making some with the kids & just bought some in the first week of December, but then didn't get them out until today.

I did manage to actually send out photos this year, which is a first. I ordered small prints of our family portrait (by Bethany Schiedel) to slip into each card I mailed out. So we'll call it a win, shall we?

What about you? Do you mail out cards this time of year? Did you get many in the mail?

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