Monday, February 22, 2016

Have Your Say On Bike Infrastructure: New West & North Shore

There are tons of great improvements planned for pedestrian & cycling infrastructure around Metro Vancouver. However, sometimes I really wonder what the people who are doing the planning are thinking. They REALLY need our input to tell them where their designs are good & what, to be brutally honest, totally sucks about them.

Two interesting projects, the New Westminster Q2Q Pedestrian & Bicycle Bridge, & the North Vancouver Spirit Trail, are currently taking public input right now.

The Q2Q Pedestrian & Bicycle Bridge

The Q2Q Bridge project is aiming to create an active transportation connection from Quayside & Queensborough. However, the project plans have some major design flaws that may actually discourage use, particularly by cyclists, including a narrow bridge deck, steep slope, requiring the use of stairs or an elevator to get up to the deck, as well as closures between 11pm & 6am.

Visit the City of New Westminster's Q2Q page to find out how to give feedback, &/or join the HUB New Westminster Committee.

Spirit Trail in North Vancouver

The City of North Vancouver, together with the federal and provincial governments, North Shore municipalities, First Nations, & other agencies are working together create the North Shore Spirit Trail. This unique, waterfront-oriented, multi-use and fully accessible greenway will provide pedestrians, cyclists, inline skaters and people with wheeled mobility aids access across the entire North Shore from Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay.

Sunrise Park to Lynnmouth Park will soon join up to the recently completed 3rd Street Overpass in the District of North Vancouver. It's the eastern-most section of the Spirit Trail, and part of the City of North Vancouver's commitment to active transportation. The initial planning and design stage has begun, with an anticipated construction start this summer. The Open House has already happened, but you can still provide feedback. Visit the project's webpage to find out more.

So, what are you waiting for? Click over & give your feedback on these projects! Our voices are important.

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