Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bronte 2.8

Spiderman hat, leopard leggings, flower sandals.
Poor second child. I forgot to do Bronte's update this past month. I think I'll sum it up with some quotes from her:

  1. "I do it myself!!" She's obsessed with doing up all her own buttons, which are always teeny on her little shirts & sweaters. Amazingly, she can do them up most of the time because she just won't give up.
  2. "Linny's home! Linny's home!" B gets genuinely excited when her brother gets home from school every single day.
  3. "Mama, I want to watch 'Puppa Pig'!" (translation: Peppa Pig)
  4. "You hear dat sound?" A very observant child, Bronte is always pointing out sounds to us.
  5. "I want to go to the Family Centre!" She loves the staff there, as well as the toys & creative activities they have. We go twice a week, but she just doesn't understand the concept of schedules & that they're not open whenever she wants to go.
  6. "Look, dere's a DOG over dere!" So obsessed with dogs, this one.
  7. "I wanna popsicle!" She'd eat five a day if she was allowed to.
  8. "Thank you, mama." I'm very proud of her politeness, especially when it's totally unprompted.
  9. "No, I want to wear dis!" Some days, we end up with some comical outfits.
  10. "Mama, I need noms!" Still demanding to breastfeed about six times a day.

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