Monday, August 8, 2016

Bronte 2.11

Making friends with some random women at Faculty Brewing

One month to go until Bronte is three! Since I'm getting behind in my posts again, I'll keep this one brief. Here's where we're at these days:

  1. Full speed ahead! Bronte has started running pretty much everywhere she needs to go, which is somewhat terrifying when we're walking on the sidewalk, & means that she falls a lot & has some pretty impressive wipeouts, since she's going so fast most of the time. Her legs are constantly decorated with bruises & scrapes.
  2. Doctor Bronte 'doctoring' me
  3. Not there yet with toilet training. She is pretty good about peeing on the toilet when she's not busy with something, when we're at home. However, she has never, to this date, actually pooped on the toilet. I'm not sure if she prefers to do it in a diaper or pull up, or if she's just not able to predict it yet. She can definitely tell us when she's already done it. Very frustrating with less than a month to go until preschool, where she is expected to be trained.
  4. Dressing herself most days. I can occasionally pick out a whole outfit & put it on her, but generally, she has Very Strong Opinions about what she wears, if she doesn't insist on putting it on herself.
  5. Helping herself. Bronte has also started getting her own food. If she feels like it, she'll just grab a popsicle out of the freezer. Or try to pour herself a glass of milk from the 4L jug in the fridge. Or dig out a handful of the birthday cake I just made for her brother that's cooling in the freezer.
  6. Very observant of details. Whenever we're riding, if there's someone on a Mobi bike riding by or a Mobi station, she points this out excitedly. She pays a lot of attention to birds & bugs whenever we're outside too. Not sure exactly why, but she has a bit of a thing against pigeons & will try to chase them off, while roaring, "Go away, pigeon!"
  7. Constant copycat. She wants to be just like her older brother, which is kind of adorable when she puts on his superhero costume & runs around the house shouting that she's Super Chameleon (with a French accent like he does it). Other times, like blowing snot out of her nose into the air just before I get there with a piece of kleenex, not so much.
  8. Scrappy Susan. Bronte & her brother get into fights, oh, at least hourly. More often if they're stuck together on a bike, in a car, at the dinner table, or trying to play with the same toys. Though he's three years older, about a foot taller, & 30% heavier than she is, it tends to be a fair fight. Or he loses... 

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