Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bronte 3.1

Bronte entertaining wee baby B outside Tandem Bike Cafe.

Bronte, currently:

Gotta tuck dolly in too.

  1. looooves preschool. She asks to go every day, even on the weekends. She's particularly thrilled about the scissors, giant blocks, tiny plastic animals, & singing.
  2. still has some hilarious pronunciations, like ukulady, dolophant, & regularly substitutes W for R, & F for TH producing oh-so-cute words like fwee, when asked her age.
  3. has been very shouty lately. She is not at all afraid to let someone know when they've overstepped her boundaries. But sometimes she just gets weirdly possessive, like when she wanted all the cafe toys to herself--sharing them with the other two three-year-olds was hard.
  4. loves babies. She'll spend quite a while making faces & sounds at a wee one in a stroller. Happily, she's gotten to the point where I'm not worried she'll poke them in the eye or something, but I still have to keep an eye on her, because she's convinced she should hold all of them.
  5. spent about two weeks telling every single person she met about her new pedal bike. She's calmed down a bit about it, but still needs to ride it every day. No idea where she gets the obsession with bikes from...
  6. has gotten attached to her dolly again. She has gone through phases in the past year & a half where she won't leave home without it for a while, then it sits abandoned on a shelf for months.
  7. quite likes eating salads these days. Mostly caesar salad or similar creamy dressing, but hey--I'm not complaining.
That's my girl in a nutshell. 

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